The New Covenant

This is the Covenant Page – It is not yet fixed nor is it made.
However, here is the Design we came up with :

This is Without Legend :
Covenant alpha

This is with Legend :
Covenant beta

This is what the Tower looks like from above / Each Floor will have this structural design :
Tower alpha

Details we have agreed upon :

  • Height of Covenant Doorway from the ground – 10 meters high
  • Moat (Very Very Deep + No proportionate gradience)
  • Mill power
  • Putting Rasputin in the Basement

Details that need to be sorted :

  1. Height of Tower
  2. Basement Depth of Tower
  3. Total Width of Tower
  4. All Wall Thickness (Enough to make Catapult Shot bounce)
  5. Distance between Tower Wall and Outer Wall

Other minor details that need to be sorted are the following :

  1. Kill Corridor before the front door of the Tower.
  2. Internal Port Cullis’
  3. Triple Gatehouse Port Cullis (Designs will be placed shortly)
  4. Crisscrossing Spiral Stairway (Anticlockwise stairwell, Inverted steps)
  5. Anti Invader misproportioned steps (Stumble Steps)
  6. Overlapping Aegis of the Hearth spells
  7. Barracks
  8. Farmyard / Farmland
  9. Servants Quarters
  10. Kitchen / Larder
  11. Library
  12. 4x Laboratories
  13. Explosion Proofing
  14. Fire Proofing
  15. Teleportation Proofing
  16. Lever action Rings
  17. Double Drawbridge
  18. Portable Ballista to place behind the first portcullis of the bridge
  19. Flared Walls
  20. Murderhole Sizes

The New Covenant

Domum Novam Nativitatem Drakol