Ruling of the Grand Tribunal of 1195


Be it known to the Order of Hermes that the Grand Tribunal held at Durenmar in the one thousand three hundred and thirty-fourth year of Aries (1195) has resolved as follows:

That as the island of Islandia is without a presence of the Order, it will be to the benefit of the Order as a whole that a covenant of the Order be established within its boundaries.

The Grand Tribunal therefore commands the Twelve Houses of the Order to see that a covenant is there established, in an appropriate place, at least seven years before the next Grand Tribunal.

Each House of the Order shall contribute to the establishment of this covenant to the degree of either (1) a fully trained magus or maga of that House, or (2) an equivalent value in gifts of an appropriate nature for a new covenant.

The Primae of the Houses are responsible for these contributions being made in a timely and appropriate fashion.

This covenant shall be under the jurisdiction and oversight of the Novgorod Tribunal until the next Grand Tribunal in the one thousand three hundred and sixty-seventh year of Aries (1228), and its recognition shall be provisional until that date.

The Novgorod Tribunal will be responsible for locating a site for the covenant, assisting with the travel of the chosen magae to Islandia, and delivering the contributions of the Houses to the new Covenant.

Under my seal,

Murion, Primus of House Bonisagus
Praeco of this Grand Tribunal


Ruling of the Grand Tribunal of 1195

Domum Novam Nativitatem sirophiuchus