Letter from the Novgorod Tribunal


Salvete, sodales! Greetings to you in the Order’s name.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Gotamus filius Stigmund ex Bonisagus. It is my duty as Praeco of the most recent Novgorod Tribunal to oversee the establishment of your covenant in Islandia. As such, I shall be regrettably brief and summarise the various practical and legal points that my sodales and myself feel you will need to be aware of.

Your covenant is part of our Tribunal for the moment, and therefore you will all be entitled to attend our next meeting, six years from now in the year 1226 in the city of Tønsberg. I invite you now, though formal invitations will be delivered by the Redcaps at the proper time.

Of course, this means that we of the Novgorod Tribunal will be considered to be linked to the success or failure of your covenant, to one degree or another, and we are most eager that all proceeds well for you. For this reason, we request that you submit a report of your deeds to us twice each year, to be delivered by the Redcaps.

We have arranged with the Redcaps to visit you at the winter solstice and the summer solstice each year to deliver letters and receive them. We trust that by this year’s summer solstice you will be prepared to receive them as visitors.

We expect you to create a document establishing your covenant and its rules, subject to the Code, agreed upon by all members, within a year, and a copy to be submitted to us via the Redcaps. Incidentally, if any legal matters arise, they will be dealt with at our next Tribunal, though we are sure that this is most unlikely to occur.

The perils and opportunities of the land of Islandia for magae are unknown to us. We trust and hope that the gifts you have been given, and the Gifts within you that have been trained, will be equal to any challenges that may arise. We consider it wholly unnecessary to remind you neither to involve yourself in the affairs of the mundanes nor to molest the local fae.

The Order has a retired Redcap agent who is based in the trading port of Gásir, named Rhetta White-Hair by the mundanes with whom she trades. Meet with her on the spring equinox and she will introduce you to one another and provide you with the gifts of the Houses of the Order, and the details of our recommended site for your covenant, what the mundanes call the Waterfall of the Gods, or Godafoss in their tongue.

You have been granted a great opportunity. Do not waste it.

Yours in magic,

Gotamus filius Stigmund ex Bonisagus
Novgorod Tribunal

[mark of a sigil]


Letter from the Novgorod Tribunal

Domum Novam Nativitatem sirophiuchus