Basalt Steed

Stone Horse


Spell Required:
Enchantment of the Walking Statue – Rego (Muto) Terram Lv 20
Two Uses/day: +1 to level of spell
Environmental Trigger: Sunrise and Sunset +3 to level of spell

Final level of spell: 24
Vis Cost of spell: 3 of Rego or Terram (1 for each magnitude of spell or part thereof)

Base Materials Required:
Lots and Lots of Basalt (Hard Stone) (Huge Size)

Vis cost to open: 4(Hard Stone) x 5 (Huge Size)
Total cost to open: 20 Vim Vis

Total Cost: 23, plus up to 13 (17) more pawns of Vis if additional spells are required to be imbued in the item.


Slow, but tireless, this pitch-black steed is carved from a single, huge slab of basalt rock. As must be expected of an object carved from stone, its movements are jerky, rather than the smooth fluidity one might expect of a real automata and it will never act without instructions from its rider.

Basalt Steed

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