Domum Novam Nativitatem

Session 1 Report - 12/1/13

In obedience to the Ruling of the Grand Tribunal of 1195, four of the magi sent to found the covenant of Islandia travelled there by ship from Londinium. After a difficult and long voyage, plagued by sea-serpents, they arrived at the port of Gásir the day before the spring solstice in the year 1220.

They each had in their possession a Letter from the Novgorod Tribunal, setting out their responsibilities as founders of a new covenant, which instructed them to meet with Rhetta White-Hair on the day of the solstice. They duly did, and she presented them with the Gifts to the Covenant of Islandia from the Order of Hermes of the twelve Houses of Hermes to their new covenant, plus a small gift from the Novgorod Tribunal to aid in their initial building.

She also kindly gave them directions to the site chosen for their covenant, a place called Godafoss, or the Waterfall of the Gods.

And so the Saga of the Islandia Covenant began.


Gerailt Excerpt : It was a magnificent journey, it was almost uneventful, except that I was set upon by bandits. In self defense, I cast a minor spell that would spare their lives, though one of the three that awaited me, had a mishap and fell from a great height. The two others are well and good, with some rehabilitation, they will be productive members of society once more. One broken jaw and a single burial later, I have found some of my Sodales to be insular and cared not for the common man, even to go as far as suggesting murder. I was disheartened by two, elated to find admirable qualities in the others. We arrived all well and good to the location of Godafoss and slept. Within the next day, the planning had begun and we found grand scale as well as skill among us, our ideas for the Covenant all worked as planned and we begin building as soon as we break the seal of our gift. I am quite sure that this will be an Awe inspiring adventure, with stories to be formed in the future that will run across the lips of thousands. I hope my Sodales share my enthusiasm, I mean, the only person who was hurt throughout the affair was myself and I shall be fine. Last thing to note, God Exists and he’s alright, may those who sin be shown mercy for mercy is freely given to those in need. I have a good feeling about this Covenant and those I will know as my brothers.

Session 1 Report - 12/1/13

Magister Andros,

It is with both pleasure and a certain amount of trepidation that we have finally arrived in Icelandia. We made landfall at the port of Gásir where, with some small difficulty, we eventually encountered the Mercere Redcap, a woman named Rhetta White-Hair, who was to be our contact in this strange land. She seems a sensible woman, with a great deal of lore at her disposal and our acquaintance should prove to be most useful. At the very least she should be able to aid me in the sale of my craft once I have my workshop properly established. I am also hoping that she will be able to introduce me to those who can better inform me about the styles of metalwork preferred in this land.[…]
[…]My companions in this covenant are… somewhat varied. Most seem to have at least some degree of sense, even though, as is to be expected, they have little understanding or appreciation of the craft. Some, however, are troubling and I will need to keep a wary eye on them lest I find myself assaulted while I sleep. They are also[…]
Happily, however, once we reached the great waterfall of Godafoss most arguments were abated by the majesty of the sight. There is a powerful aura here that should prove to be most beneficial to the creation of works. Utilising a powerful device kindly given to use by the Novagrod Tribunal (though I confess I find myself wondering if you might have been involved. The item is powerful and well crafted. I find it unlikely that it could have been created by any but a member of the House) we have begun construction of buildings on the site. My own sanctum will be set behind the waterfall itself which should serve to allow air to circulate and remove the noxious fumes from my forge without my having to resort to the spell you taught me.[…]
I shall send this, along with other letters updating you as to our progress here, with the Redcaps when they pass by at the Solstice.
Until we meet again, I remain your faithful apprentice,

Session 1 Report - 12/1/13

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