Domum Novam Nativitatem

Session 1 Report - 12/1/13

In obedience to the Ruling of the Grand Tribunal of 1195, four of the magi sent to found the covenant of Islandia travelled there by ship from Londinium. After a difficult and long voyage, plagued by sea-serpents, they arrived at the port of Gásir the day before the spring solstice in the year 1220.

They each had in their possession a Letter from the Novgorod Tribunal, setting out their responsibilities as founders of a new covenant, which instructed them to meet with Rhetta White-Hair on the day of the solstice. They duly did, and she presented them with the Gifts to the Covenant of Islandia from the Order of Hermes of the twelve Houses of Hermes to their new covenant, plus a small gift from the Novgorod Tribunal to aid in their initial building.

She also kindly gave them directions to the site chosen for their covenant, a place called Godafoss, or the Waterfall of the Gods.

And so the Saga of the Islandia Covenant began.


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